Guidance provided by the Virginia Department of Health Sick at School? 

If the nurse calls and your child has any of these symptoms… 

1. Fever 

2. Ear or Throat pain 

3. Shortness of breath 

4. Cough or Congestion 

5. Vomiting or diarrhea 

6. Loss of taste or smell 

7. Headache or Body Aches 

8. Uncontrolled allergy symptoms 

You will be asked to pick your child up, and choose from the following options. Have your child tested for COVID (Rapid or PCR) Provide these results to the school when available. Child may return to school when negative test received and symptom free >24 hours without medication 

Have your child evaluated by his/her health care provider Provide documentation of test results (VDH recommends COVID test be performed for symptoms) Have your child isolate at home for *10 days and return back to school on day 11 AND symptom free >24 hours without medication. 

*VDH and CDC recommend a 14 day quarantine but allow quarantine to end after 10 days if you need to return to work and school and remain symptom free* 


● Giles High School--Community Health Center 

Please speak with your child’s school nurse when notified of student’s need to be picked up to arrange an appointment time if available. 

Walgreens-- 121 North Main Street Pearisburg, VA 24134 


Giles County Testing Center-- 1 Taylor Avenue Pearisburg, VA 24134 (Behind old hospital) 540-922-9004

If your child has been exposed 

● “VDH and CDC recommend 14 days of quarantine after any COVID-19 exposure, but allow quarantine to end after 10 days if you need to return to work or school and remain symptom free. You may also test between day 5-7 AFTER your last day of exposure to a positive COVID person and if your test is negative, return to school or work on day 8 if you remain symptom free and need to return prior to the recommended 14 days of quarantine." 

Scenario 1- Your child has a family member test positive for COVID and they can NOT isolate from that family member. The COVID positive family member has an isolation period of 10 days. For example.. Mother tested positive September 1st her isolation period would be over September 11th. The child would have to quarantine from time of parents positive test, and BEGIN their isolation time at the end of the parents isolation time. The child would be able to return to school September 26th(14 days) OR if necessary for school or work on September 22 (10 days) if they remain symptom free. The child MAY test on September 15 (day 5) and return to school or work on September 18 (day 8) if their test is negative AND they remain symptom free. 

Scenario 2- Child was exposed at a birthday party on Saturday 9/1. The child would have to quarantine until 9/16 (14 days) If necessary to return to school or work the child MAY test NO EARLIER THAN DAY 5. So test on 9/6, and return to school NO EARLIER THAN DAY 8, assuming test is negative, and child remains symptom free.

Continue to review the information that is included on the Giles County Technology help pages for information on using your child's device:

Parent Help Site

Please remember to complete the COVID-19 Health Screening Commitment form that was part of the Return to Learning packet you received and send it with your child(ren) on Monday/Tuesday when they return to school.

Device Repair Request Form

You can also email Include the student's name, high school, and description of repair needed.

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