Cell Phones, MP3/IPODs, PDAs,
and CD Players Policy


These items are not to be carried on your person at any time, before or during the school. They must be secured in your locker, automobile, or athletic bag and must be turned off.


Consequences for violating this policy are as follows:

1st Occurence -- Item will be confiscated, 3 demerits will be issued which may lead to an ISS assignment due to an accumulation of demerits, and the phone may be returned at the end of the school day.


2nd Occurence -- Item will be confiscated, next assignment of ISS, and the phone will be returned to the parent.


3rd Occurence -- Item will be consfiscated, next assignment of OSS, the phone will be returned to the parent after a formal meeting is arranged with students, parent, and NHS Administration.

Narrows High School respects the usefulness of these items in relation to the after-school activities and athletics for which our students are involved. However, they have become a disruption in the classroom and have no educational value and will not be tolerated as a part of the school day.

Revised 9/17/07