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The Mountain Academic Competition Conference (or MACC) is an academic competition consisting  of matches. Each match consists of five rounds for the five different teams (English, Math, Science, All-Around, and History) and tests the skills of the teams on each subject.
Matches are generally played until every school has a chance to compete against all others, at which point they will all face off in a tournament.

Each team is given a captain, co-captain, and a coach. The coaches should be a teacher who is familiar with the subject of the team that they are coaching and are responsible for picking the captains, setting dates for practices, coaching the teams for the matches, and more. The captains may be responsible for the coaches responsibilities if the coaches are unable to do their job any point in time, though they generally speak for the teams when answering the questions (with exceptions) and introducing team members at each match. The co-captain may take on the captain's responsibilities if they are unable to do their job at any point. Every school has a MACC Coordinator; the one who helps to set up the matches, makes sure that the teams get to our matches away from home, and makes sure that everything is running smoothly.